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When she was out in the fields she used to spend whole hours in looking at a flower, in watching the water flow, in gazing at the wonders in the depths of the clear, still river pools, at the picturesque mosaic made up of pebbles and earth and sand, of water plants and green moss, and the brown soil washed down by the stream, a deposit full of soft shades of color, and of hues that contrast strangely with each other.
The Pier Head was intensely washed down following the Three Queens event.
The buses were spot on time and although the weather was not too good we had an excellent day out and consumed the traditional Whitby cod and chips washed down a little later with a couple of pints.
The worst floods in a generation hit Gwynedd and Anglesey in November, when 50mm of rain fell in a matter of hours, and washed down from the hills to turn parts of the A55 into a 6ft deep river.
A motor that can be washed down, and even power washed; controls are dust-tight and water-tight (IP66), housed in a stainless unit
I was delighted to see him in a QPR shirt for his London gig on Tuesday night, and it really pleases me to know he likes to gobble Big Macs and KFC - all washed down with a cup of builders' tea.
The batty study for Men's Health says the flab will pile on as fans scoff fast food, washed down with beer, as they sit on the sofa for four weeks.
The only leg we're likely to claim is the frog's legs washed down by a dozen pints in Corcorans Bar in Paris on November 18.
95) are standouts, and all can be washed down with a glass of wine or a pint of Abbot ale.
Sadly, in this country, we seem to be going down the same road as the UK, where everything is washed down and super-clean so no one takes offence.
He was taken to Price Charles Hospital in Merthyr Tydfil while firefighters from Cefn Fforest washed down the road and had the vehicle towed away.
Hedgehogs are being washed out of their nests, too, and ducklings are being washed down drains.