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There was also three brewhouses, all the moms were allocated a washing day, and the still hot water was offered to anyone who wanted it, otherwise it was bailed out ready for the next washerwoman.
"My landlady was a washerwoman. I shared a small room with four others; she and her children slept in the kitchen.
But Nan owns her flat and isn't bothered about stopping the sale until she realises that 'a throwback old Cockney washerwoman' doesn't fit into the plans of oily developer Charles Wilmott - and he wants her out.
In her life she has been a wife, a mother, a cook, a washerwoman, a shopper, a cleaner, a friend, a nurse and a counsellor.
In a week where I've watched the Polish Eurovision entry introduce an intriguing new dance move - The Top-Heavy Washerwoman Lunge - thought I'd had my fill of incongruity.
My pride is in the way - like a washerwoman whsometimes has ideas abostaion; it's in the fact I caever imagine living anywother than the Valleys anease in which I drop "Hs" make myself "A nna" eve though I know better.
Kelly Osbourne Not a good look for a former Fashion Police judge, this is more like a washerwoman ensemble.
That aside, would it not be rather fun to have a princess with such a splendid name, the sort of name that Charles Dickens would have given to a bumbling but benign Kentish washerwoman in one of his novels?
The folk tunes come from a range of countries, from "The Irish Washerwoman" to the "Mexican Hat Dance." They are roughly progressive in difficulty, but are all in a middle-school to high-school level technical range.
What is the traditional occupation of Widow Quiz of the Day ANSWERS: 1 Sheep; 2 Three; 3 Washerwoman; 4 Capability Brown; 5 T.E.
Phyllis Sinclair Washerwoman's Dreams Of The Washerwomen