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He said Zips is under contract to purchase another 27 car washes in a deal that is expected to close in August or September; he didn't share details on where those 27 car washes are located.
The Bill's stores follow Mister Car Wash's acquisition of three Top Dog Express car washes located in Lake Mary, Melbourne and Sanford in 2015.
To date, more than 40,000 engine washes have been performed using Cyclean Engine Wash worldwide.
5 : to stand being cleansed without injury <Linen washes well.
What he came up with was the Cadillac of automated truck washes.
We've teamed up with BP to give away over one million Nectar points and hundreds of BP car washes.
Although Jesus tells his disciples after he washes their feet that they are to wash one another's feet, Mary does this very thing to Jesus in the previous chapter in John.
Most alcohol washes don't mention the word "alcohol" in their names.
Most Texaco car washes have the option of washing/drying programmes to further protect your car.
Coupled with a suitable detergent, cold water washes can clean as effectively as warm ones; heavily begrimed articles can be pulled out for the occasional hot wash.