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The GP PRO(TM) product portfolio spans washroom (paper towels, toilet tissue, hand soap, hand sanitizer, air care, wipers and seat covers) and foodservice (cups, napkins, cutlery, plates, bowls, wraps, food packaging and wipers).
Managing director Tracey Jackson has signed a further five-year deal to continue to provide all the venue's washroom facilities at its restaurants, bars and conference exhibition suites, as well as the stadium bowl.
The University~s Campus Operations Division is looking for a cost effective service provision for Washroom Equipment and Related Consumables for all of its campuses, which includes the provision, installation and maintenance of washroom equipment.
PHS Washrooms, part of the PHS Group, recently unveiled its revolutionary Airscent Atom in a move which aims to improve the workplace environment and introduce businesses to a more environmentally-effective fragrancing solution.
Yes, I stole the watch when I found it in the washroom," A.
The complainant, a 47-year-old Saudi translator, told the prosecutor that she was walking home around 5:45pm on March 11 when she needed to use the washroom as she had a special medical condition.
Then turn off the tap DON'T turn off the tap when you're done washing, only when you're done drying, and with-papertowel-in-hand - after all, a washroom tap boasts 35 per cent contamination.
Today, Fresh & Clean has a line of contemporary looking washroom products which have a unified appearance.
Abu Dhabi Criminal Court yesterday heard that the Bangladeshi man allegedly kissed the Arab girl and touched her when she entered into the female washrooms alone.
Supplied through Disposables UK distributor Wilson Washrooms, the range will be also used at the SSE Hydro arena and The Clyde Auditorium, nicknamed The Armadillo.
As she took more time than usual, the teacher turned suspicious and went to the washroom to check on Vandana.
The spread of diseases and infection, teamed with society's paranoia about cleanliness and hygiene, will lead to the demand for highly clean working conditions and washroom environments.