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Mask off vertical bands of different widths, paint each colour (waiting for the one before to dry to create sharp lines) and you'll find that, in decorating terms anyway, it's easy to be waspish.
Once accused of being waspish with the press, he replied, "I'm not waspish, I'm Jewish.
My WASPish, bearded, ponytailed partner was among about a dozen long-haired guys.
Babel has an incredible elan, and I relish the nasty persona of Ralston (Spicer) whose enormous ego (and fondness for booze) squeezes all sweetness from his nature; his takes on the Berkeley and North Beach lit scenes are devastatingly waspish.
COMEDY There's a lot of buzz around this sitcom starring acting knights Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi - and it's the sound of their characters Freddie and Stuart (above) delivering their trademark waspish lines.
As opening night approaches and revered critics including Tabitha Dickinson (Lindsay Duncan) prepare to deliver their waspish verdict, petty squabbles between Riggan his cast - popular Broadway star Mike Shiner (Edward Norton), leading lady Lesley (Naomi Watts) and current squeeze Laura (Andrea Riseborough) - threaten to derail the vanity project.
The film begins with the spirited and resourceful Vera (Alicia Vikander) poised to head to Oxford University to study under waspish Miss Lorimer (Miranda Richardson).
it was impossible to keep the waspish attacker out of his starting line-up However, Stubbs admits it was impossible to keep the waspish attacker out of his starting line-up following a series of impressive displays in training and for the club's Under-20 side.
The cast is starstudded - Frances De La Tour is the waspish head, Phil Glenister is thuggish gym teacher Mr Gunn - but a lot of the jokes sound like they were written by pupils in Key Stage Two.
Rufus was in waspish form all night but the music - dramatic yet fun - stood up just as well.
Cousin-in-law Kate may hog the headlines with her waspish waist and kohl-rimmed eyes, but Zara has a golden opportunity to eclipse the merry wife of Windsor during the Olympic games.
En route, Evelyn meets six other retirees all bound for this "luxury development for residents in their golden years": cantankerous wheelchair user Muriel (Maggie Smith), who is bypassing the NHS waiting lists to undergo a hip replacement abroad; waspish snob Jean (Penelope Wilton) and her long-suffering husband Douglas (Bill Nighy); retired judge Graham (Tom Wilkinson); incorrigible ladies' man Norman (Ronald Pickup); and love-hungry spinster Madge (Celia Imrie).