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After being informed that Brian Clough (below), in particularly waspish mood after a 5-0 hiding by Howard Kendall's Everton, had called the Blues boss a "young pup," Howard was asked if he wanted to respond.
VICIOUS Mon ITV 9pm NEW SERIES There's a lot of buzz around this sitcom, starring acting knights Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi - and that's just the sound of their characters Freddie and Stuart delivering their trademark waspish lines.
As opening night approaches and revered critics including Tabitha Dickinson (Lindsay Duncan) prepare to deliver their waspish verdict, petty squabbles between Riggan and his cast - popular Broadway star Mike Shiner (Edward Norton), leading lady Lesley (Naomi Watts) and current squeeze Laura (Andrea Riseborough) - threaten to derail the vanity project.
When not boozed up, she's swallowing prescription drugs like Smarties and delivering waspish one-liners to anyone trying to help, particularly her long-suffering housemaid.
The 70-year-old play is full of Noel Coward's typical waspish wit and scathing observations on marriage.
Her waspish waist shocked the judges with judge Miss J Alexander putting his hands around her waist, to find they touched on either side.
Revisted and is a tribute to the waspish Carry On comedian.
00pm) John Hurt reprises his role as Quentin Crisp in this sequel to 1975 drama The Naked Civil Servant, following the waspish English eccentric's latter years in America.
While there will always be a few Australian trainers who will quibble about "the internationals" coming to plunder "our race", a lot of what has been said has had more than an element of tongue in cheek about it - not least when Aussie legend Bart Cummings reacts to bait thrown at him by the Aussie media and indulges in his own brand of waspish humour.
It has waspish features, such as narrow hind legs, but also branched body hair and other characteristics of bees.
The spirited story about the comeuppance of the waspish Ciprigna, who terrorizes everyone in sight (including her husband, children and servants), is pure da Ponte.
This painting is now lost, which is no surprise in light of its waspish courtier's disdain for his master's foreign consort.