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We found no associations among the practice characteristics we investigated with clinically significant reductions in FFP and PLT expiration or wastage rates.
Therefore in order to estimate exportable surplus of mango for a particular year, following technique was used Exportable surplus - Production - Wastage - Industrial usage - Consumption.
To ensure that we can achieve the transformative change, I invite the entire hospitality sector in the UAE to join our pledge and commit to reducing food wastage now."
During the event, Winnow also introduced their AI-enabled product -- 'Vision' -- that lets kitchens "automatically track food wastage by leveraging AI".
They took out a rally from the PTV station and marched through different roads and streets of Quetta carrying placards and banners inscribed with slogans about bad effects of the use of plastic bags and wastage of water on human life.
Speaking to Khaleej Times, Dr Alleem said that the progamme comes as a part of the Sewa's efforts to minimise water wastage. "Sewa has in place cooperation mechanisms with all government departments and other institutions to spread awareness about water and power conservation."
The city produces more than 5,000 metric tonnes of wastage per day whereas DNCC produces 3,500 metric tonnes.
He cited hotels and restaurants as the main culprits when it comes to food wastage.
studies, should clearly define key concepts related to wastage studies and should also define the
'Considering the situation essential steps needed to be taken on emergency basis to stop water wastage", he said.
"Customers in buffet waste a lot of food and last Sunday wastage was 31 kgs that was enough to serve 124 people", he informed.
The adoption of drip sprinkler system would enable growers and cultivators to save 50 per cent irrigation water from wastage besides increasing the standard of productivity.