waste away

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'First, we deploy trash bins to keep waste away and conduct coastal and underwater cleanups,' says Anna Oposa, Save Philippine Seas co-founder and 'chief mermaid.' 'Second is Waste Watchers, where we teach commercial establishments and resorts in Anilao to reduce single-use plastic such as straws, bottles and cups and instead to reuse and monitor them every step of the way.
The government entitys presentation outlined various waste minimisation practices used by Dubai Municipality as per its plans to divert waste away from landfill by 2030 and highlighted the benefits of using a smart bin management and waste exchange systems.
This response is blunted in older people, meaning that muscles gradually waste away.
Jamie Lindsay knew he had to walk away from Celtic this summer - or waste away.
Scientists from Liverpool University have shown just two weeks without exercise can take its toll, causing muscles to waste away and waistlines to expand.
The plan is intended to help meet Mayor Greg Fischer's goal of diverting 90 percent of the community's solid waste away from landfills by the year 2042.
"I was desperate for work and did not want to waste away anymore."
Three months on the International Space Station prompted mice skin to waste away and the animals' hair to grow, a new study shows.
Kirklees Council is urging caution when asking people to take their waste away for them - and to check if they have a licence.
"If we can divert our waste away from land-fill and into something that can generate power for thousands of homes, then that has to be welcomed."
"We'll be saving money for the council taxpayer, helping the environment by diverting waste away from landfill and increasing the amount of materials that can be recycled."
The Co-operative Group is rolling out an innovative recycling scheme that will divert all food store waste away From landfill, whilst radically reducing road miles and operating costs.

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