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During all this time, Marmaduke had been wandering about the grove, making observations on his favorite trees, and the wasteful manner in which the wood-chopper conducted his manufacture.
To us it seems that every institution and relationship was the fruit of haphazard and tradition and the manifest sport of chance, their laws each made for some separate occasion and having no relation to any future needs, their customs illogical, their education aimless and wasteful.
By returning to a primitive method of production, so confused and disorderly and irrational, so wasteful and costly, that it will be impossible to produce a surplus.
We elect to be absurd and to return to the truly crude and wasteful methods of our forefathers.
If it was from economy, and you are anxious to teach me not to be wasteful, you have no cause for alarm.
Grant's wasteful doings to overlook, left her very little occasion to be occupied in fears for the absent.
By focusing on our constitutional priorities, President Trump is putting forward a responsible budget that cuts wasteful spending and will strengthen the American economy.
The report describes the purchase of the cards as wasteful, noting that they come at a high cost.
The administration has also prohibited display of all kind of fireworks, aerial firing and other wasteful expenses at marriage functions.
Sterling's fine 31st minute finish saw Guardiola's men improve their unbeaten league sequence this season to 20 games and stretch their yawning gap at the top of the league to 15 points on a night where they dominated but were very wasteful.
Cavalier or casually acquiescent decisions to spend taxpayer dollars in an ineffective and wasteful manner are not to recur," he added.
And these wasteful bacteria make ammonia that can pollute the environment.