wasteful expenditure

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Accustomed, for many years, to regard his master's property as his own care, Tom saw, with an uneasiness he could scarcely repress, the wasteful expenditure of the establishment; and, in the quiet, indirect way which his class often acquire, would sometimes make his own suggestions.
The probe will centre on the Auditor General's report for the last two financial years, including the latest released this week, which has lifted the lid on wasteful expenditure by government agencies.
As an example of how fiscal accountability leads to curbing of wasteful expenditure, the following point illustrates it:
The government has reaped a windfall through massive taxation of petrol and diesel, and the money was squandered on wasteful expenditure," he tweeted.
Most of the time these provisions exceed the requirements, leading to wasteful expenditure by the departments," it said.
According to our study, we might have the ability to reduce more from wasteful expenditure on the defence sector and the wasteful expenses on the security sector of the Ministry of Interior,' he said.
Taxpayers are tired of paying tax to a State where massive corruption and wasteful expenditure are the order of the day.
But some of the poorer classes become criminals in adult life, much to the damage of their own lives and our wasteful expenditure, while we have no choice but to cage them like animals for our own protection.
I SEE from the Examiner that Kirklees Council are finally planning to cut wasteful expenditure.
Patna: An Indian marriage is all about glamour, dancing and wasteful expenditure but a groom in Bihar reached his in-laws' home riding a bicycle with the message to save the environment in what is being described as a "typical ideal wedding".
What a colossally wasteful expenditure of time, energy and government resources.
industry is in the midst of hectic preparations for the Auto Expo, Bajaj Auto managing director Rajiv Bajaj on Monday struck a contrarian note saying it is too expensive to participate in the biennial event and creating expensive concepts entails wasteful expenditure.