wasteful expenditure

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Accustomed, for many years, to regard his master's property as his own care, Tom saw, with an uneasiness he could scarcely repress, the wasteful expenditure of the establishment; and, in the quiet, indirect way which his class often acquire, would sometimes make his own suggestions.
Minister of Communications Ms Faith Muthambi welcomes the progress made by entities reporting to the Ministry of Communications to curb fruitless and wasteful expenditure for the period of 2014/15.
192 million in the construction of cultural complex at Shakarparian, Islamabad and wasteful expenditure on a project construction of cultural complex at Shakarparian, Islamabad amounting to Rs.
Curbing wasteful expenditure will become your priority and help in saving more.
In doing so, they tend to buy more than they need and end up indulging in wasteful expenditure, according to him.
We have worked systematically in this direction," he said, adding cutting wasteful expenditure would help achieve the target.
These targets can only be achieved through a democratic governance which requires supremacy of the Constitution of Pakistan and the rule of law in order to reduce corruption, avoid tax evasion, wasteful expenditure and misuse of power," Dar added.
During the course of inquiry, it was revealed that huge amount of funds in the Secrecy Head was embezzled in the forms of excess withdrawals, purchases on exorbitant rates and wasteful expenditure by the accused persons.
It beggars belief you stooped as low as to use the front of a charity to raise money for children suffering from cancer and leukaemia to deceive the public and fund personal expenditure, wasteful expenditure including on a holiday to the United States.
I do not hear Andrea H complain of such wasteful expenditure so presumably she accepts that killing innocent people with taxpayers' money is OK.
The CAG has indicted a number of Delhi government departments for wasteful expenditure incurred prior to the Commonweal Games, but the infrastructure and social security projects, have been pending and the government ignored key environmental issues which have resulted in the loss of crores of rupees.
The company is seeking avenues to slash wasteful expenditure, per a Wall Street Journal report.