wasteful expenditure

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Accustomed, for many years, to regard his master's property as his own care, Tom saw, with an uneasiness he could scarcely repress, the wasteful expenditure of the establishment; and, in the quiet, indirect way which his class often acquire, would sometimes make his own suggestions.
The Government can save a lot by ensuring prevention of wasteful expenditure, which runs into billions.
The PML-N was overspending on development, not for wasteful expenditure.
PSA members working in prisons are hitting back at Nationals claims of wasteful expenditure on slushy machines for overheated summer staff.
Slamming the police for keeping the leftover CWG equipment idle for so many years, the panel said: "Delhi Police has incurred a wasteful expenditure of a huge amount of Rs 21.02 lakh per month for renting CCTV causing double loss to the government exchequer".
It is unfortunate that, as a country, we have come to be associated more with wasteful expenditure and consumption as opposed to prudent spending and production.
class="MsoNormalThe National Assembly Public Accounts Committee, in a report tabled in the house on Wednesday morning, wants Kassachom to explain to the auditor general the wasteful expenditure of government funds contrary to the Public Finance Management Act, 2012.
of notification by ECNEC and Guidelines by Planning Commission for self-financed projects like Cultural Complex Project, resulting into wasteful expenditure of Rs.
Stating that the party's action was not partisan but prompted by the public good, members believed that the prosecution of vote criminals and their collaborators, would deter future commission and prevent the wasteful expenditure of public resources.
"Most of the time these provisions exceed the requirements, leading to wasteful expenditure by the departments," it said.
'According to our study, we might have the ability to reduce more from wasteful expenditure on the defence sector and the wasteful expenses on the security sector of the Ministry of Interior,' he said.
Taxpayers are tired of paying tax to a State where massive corruption and wasteful expenditure are the order of the day.