wasting away

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They're not just an inspiration but a reminder of Britain's most shameful statistic - one million young people wasting away on the dole.
Even people who have seen the film several times will enjoy the timeless story of how Andy DuFrense (Robbins) fights to clear his name and win freedom from the jail where his life is slowly wasting away.
While we are all busy living our own lives, people like you are just wasting away.
HOUSE of Horrors killer Rose West is wasting away after staging a three-month hunger strike in prison.
This result indicates that the neurons took an active role in killing themselves, rather than wasting away passively,' the researchers report.
He said: ``I could see myself wasting away in the reserves at Everton so I asked to go out on loan.
Katie's weight plummeted after she starred on Broadway in All My Sons and now she seems in danger of wasting away.