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It is critically important that we stop the spread of Chronic Wasting Disease before it diminishes our big-game herds and undercuts our outdoor economy.
Biologists raced to figure out the cause (or causes) of wasting disease, before identifying a Densovirus as the primary culprit.
Chronic wasting disease of elk: transmissibility to humans examined by transgenic mouse models.
I think if we know certain types of cancer are associated with this wasting disease, it might be important to think about heart function earlier rather than once people are starting to lose weight.
But it's the crowding-induced threat of epidemics like chronic wasting disease that has biologists really alarmed, a threat that could devastate Grand Teton's elk herd and transmit fatal disease to Yellowstone National Park.
In living almost until his 19th birthday, Matthew outlived most sufferers of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy - the most serious of the muscle wasting diseases.
Danny has set up a charity called The Longest Year, where he gives up the booze for a year and has asked celebrities and members of the public to join him for just a day and help raise funds to combat Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a terrible wasting disease.
A MOTHER starved her two young sons so badly they developed a wasting disease normally only seen in the Third World.
The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife this week issued a call for hunters' assistance with monitoring for chronic wasting disease, a fatal neurological disorder that hits deer and elk.
SAN DIEGO -- Unless you are a deer hunter or live in selected areas of the country, you may never have heard of chronic wasting disease.
Investigators studying the ability of the chronic wasting disease prion to change proteins in vitro found that the prion was able to change human protein, although its ability to do this was 14 times weaker at converting the natural human prion protein than was the natural deer prion protein, and 5 times weaker at converting the natural human prion protein than were known Creutzfeldt-Jakob prions.