watch closely

See: examine, study
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The state must form a policy to protect children as well as device a mechanism to watch closely maniacs who prey on children.
The service said it will watch closely the acquisition process and will likely upgrade Alberto-Culver's debts to the same rating level as Unilever and end its corporate carting once it becomes integral part of the group.
KEN BATES' formal complaint about his old club CHELSEA has landed at the FA and every club in the land will watch closely as the case unfolds.
The emergence of e-discovery in litigation is a relatively new, but fast evolving phenomenon that every bank, financial institution, underwriter and regulator must watch closely, said Brill, who was among several experts who spoke about emerging risk issues facing financial institutions during the call hosted by the insurance broker.
Investors will continue to watch closely the competitive threat Wal-Mart poses to the supermarket industry, as grocery stores tend to anchor the vast majority of the nation's strip centers.
Watch closely how the new president's financial team deals with the so-called debt bomb, approximately US$17 billion of which comes due in April and May.
They said that several entities, including the SEC and the New York Stock Exchange, are currently considering rules for financial and other records that records and information professionals should watch closely in the next year.
Watch closely for occasional but always riveting talking in tongues.
But we will have to watch closely for any excessive volatility of the yen or too drastic a fall (against the dollar),'' the premier told reporters at his official residence.
With winter now returning to the Antarctic, researchers expect no more ice loss until the next southern summer, when they will watch closely to see if Larsen B splinters.
The committee's estimate of the scale of investment needed means that the the sector will watch closely the outcome of Whitehall's on-going comprehensive spending review to see if the Government is prepared to make that kind of provision.