watch closely

See: examine, study
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One of the ties to watch closely could be at where Bala Town host Gresford Athletic tonight.
The state must form a policy to protect children as well as device a mechanism to watch closely maniacs who prey on children.
It's important to watch closely so nothing burns at this point.
"We must continue to watch closely whether Syria will take action in a sincere manner and how the consultations between the United States, Russia and the other countries concerned will proceed," Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida told reporters.
If you watch closely you might see them at the holiday resort dancing, swimming, drinking, running up and down stairs having a fine old time but at the end of the holiday they are back to the wheelchairs.
Suspended Wayne Rooney will be missed, but dynamic Ashley Young will be one to watch closely.
He said, as part of Nibras, pupils are brought into courtrooms or allowed to attend the prosecution's investigation sessions "to watch closely and learn tactfully about the harmful and unacceptable outcome of delinquency".
The rating agency will continue to watch closely AvMed's operating results and capital adequacy.
The service said it would watch closely the tender offer for a majority of Terremark's shares, which is expected to open in mid-February and close by the end of March.
The magician says watch closely. The lover says close your eyes.
As the immediate benefits of the stimulus wind down and projects such as construction begin to take a more proactive role in recovery, economists will watch closely how consumers adjust.
Doubtless Louis Walsh will watch closely to see who to sign up.