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WATCH, police. To watch is, properly speaking, to stand sentry and attend guard during the night time: certain officers called watchmen are appointed in most of the United States, whose duty it is to arrest all persons who are violating the law, or breaking the peace. (q.v.) Vide 1 Bl. Com. 356; 1 Chit. Cr. Law, 14, 20.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The farm's manager reportedly refers to the live animals as "watchbands", as though already dead.
These include the 9068P, a disc compass watchband with cardinal points for $2.99; the 9070P, an 28mm rotating bezel compass with clear base plate for $6.99, the 9072P, a disc compass and cord to wear around your neck which is ideal when hiking, plus the 10NLP, a combination compass and thermometer zipper pull.
During the interview, the detective noticed a stain on the suspect's watchband. The watch was taken as evidence and later analyzed by Lifecodes Laboratory in Westchester, New York, which concluded that the stain was blood and matched that of the adult victim with a one in 100 million probability among the Hispanic community.
'Propensity' is judged by 'conduct,' but that can mean anything from having a Melissa Etheridge poster on your wall to wearing short hair and a thick, black watchband to refusing to have sex with a man," she says, citing real examples from discharge cases.
The size of a watchface, the accessory fits in the pocket or can be clipped to clothes or a watchband and has a range of at least three metres.
* Choose a simple and elegant watch with a leather or metal watchband. Avoid plastic, heavy sport watches with calculators or alarms that will interrupt a meeting.
Although McNatt had an appointment to pick up a watchband, he was repeatedly waved away.
Dodi's effects: A rectangular Cartier American Tank watch with maroon- coloured crocodile watchband, value pounds 2,400.
Though her decision to wear a South African Krugerrand on her watchband was a dangerous action, and hard to accept and understand, Giovanni explained to Barbara Reynolds in 1985: "I bought that one and put it on my watch because I'm not going to be intimidated in my views, and I wanted to make a statement." There was an attempt on her life because she did not support the South African travel boycott, but Giovanni maintained her right to disagree with fellow African American leaders: "There's no room right now in the black community for dissent on any number of issues.
I envisioned a political version of Vanna Speaks replete with helpful hints on how to choose the proper color watchband for a state funeral.
The highlight of the design is the watchband hinge that offers high flexibility while typing in laptop mode or while browsing in tablet mode, or even while watching videos in tent mode.
From the 360 watchband hinge to the eye-catching colour options, this 2-in-1 will turn heads.