watchful care

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And it was all very nice - the large, sunny room; his deep, easy-chair in a bow window, with pillows and a footstool; the quiet, watchful care of the elderly, gentle woman who had borne him five children, and had not, perhaps, lived with him more than five full years out of the thirty or so of their married life.
The Superintendent of the railway put a train at our disposal, and did us the further kindness of accompanying us to Ephesus and giving to us his watchful care.
Nor did this make her vain and heedless of others; she humb]y dwelt among them, seeking to do all the good she might; and many a houseless bird and hungry insect that Thistledown had harmed did she feed and shelter, and in return no evil could befall her, for so many friends were all about her, seeking to repay her tenderness and love by their watchful care.
Then stretch and exercise under the watchful care of Awaken Retreat instructors, industry-leading professionals available around the clock to help you set your fitness goals and develop a plan to achieve them.
A parent might "get on with life", especially if other children are in need of ever more watchful care.
I would often be the last to go and he would see me safe with a strong instant coffee and two digestives, escorting me with the watchful care of a favourite uncle into a taxi.
In his reflections on Stahl, Drucker goes on to describe a lively, dynamic conservativism (lebendiger konservatismus) in which history is viewed as a succession of contingent events and behaviors; that is, events and behaviors that might have never occurred, and always under the watchful care of Divine Providence (Die Augen Gottes).
Both were safely crossed under the watchful care of the U.
Her final three years were spent in the watchful care of the staff of Sterling Healthcare Center coupled with the special assistance of Mrs.
I felt like I was helping all of those poor little children as long as they were under the watchful care of me and the other PICU nurses.
Follow up, Having the department head stop by within another 24 hours helps reinforce the sense that residents are under watchful care.
The accretion of embedded qualifiers progressively separates the mother further from memory, beclouding both her maternity ("as such") and her physicality, until she recedes invisibly from the narrative in complete darkness ("at night") and death: "Never having enjoyed, to any considerable extent, her soothing presence, her tender and watchful care, I received the tidings of her death with much the same emotions I should have probably felt at the death of a stranger" (13).