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This is despite superficial resemblances grounded in the fact that Melanesian culture has its own practices for punishing and moulding the body, for segregating groups, and for instilling pedagogic lessons and moral watchfulness in the young and in transgressors.
24) The discrepancy between the poem and its gloss reveals that, for Wordsworth, no matter how gently, no matter how imperceptibly listening and intensity of mind "begin to remit" (which they will), it is this withdrawal from watchfulness inherent in the rhythms of reading that surprises the reader "into a perception.
Then she saw Zeus looking out from Mount Ida, And she hated him for his watchfulness.
25 editorial promoting watchfulness and skepticism on the coming change from the 15-year-old Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System, or MCAS, to a test under development by the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) is on target.
Three key factors prompting the sales of Treasurys are shifts in economic growth forecasts, watchfulness over the pace of Federal Reserve bond purchases and uncertainty over Japanese "Abenomics" policy.
Following their directions, he said special teams were constituted by him and ASP Aamir Niazi for strict patrolling and effective watchfulness at various points.
Theatre started with audiences that were alive when they were watching, not sitting in quiet, stiff watchfulness.
If you haven't a speck of evidence to back your feelings, your continual watchfulness may unnerve those who have done nothing wrong.
The Roeblings avoided such watchfulness, and even installed a club at the town's inn.
Tirso Cruz III, nowadays a staple patriarch figure onscreen, played Katy's father with sagely, overbearing watchfulness.
Thus, amid all the localised talk of the Gulf's capital surplus, scope for infrastructure spending, and rising per capita GDP -- mostly still derived from buoyant oil price trends -- still there has to be a distinct watchfulness over global energy patterns, bearing in mind too the well-documented escalation of GCC states' budgetary breakeven rates upon the higher government expenditures since the Arab Spring.
Now you can expect that same level of protecting watchfulness away from home with SecuraFone[R].