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As one of the blighters says, watching paint dry may be more entertaining.
Most of the events are like watching paint dry, with only one or two really special athletes produced with real talent.
2 WATCHING the Conservative Party Conference last week was worse than watching paint dry.
The style of football is like watching paint dry, with perhaps the Slovakian game being one out of the ordinary.
This is an interesting glimpse into an English dairy maturing room, and is infinitely more exciting than watching paint dry.
It's as hard watching Villa as it is watching paint dry.
class, barnburners about Paraguay or Joe's lung that were as much fun as watching paint dry.
While I'd have been happy watching paint dry with my dad, there was one invitation I loved to get: "Want to go to Owosso for breakfast?
IT'Sabout as interesting as watching paint dry -except that really is all that happens in the latest reality show.
HOLLYWOOD For a movie that hinges upon watching paint dry, filmmakers spent an awful lot of time talking about the script.
Watching paint dry has taken a technological leap forward with the Squirrel OQ606 oven logger - an addition to the successful family of data logging systems by Grant Instruments (Cambridge) Ltd.
Watching paint dry isn't really that exciting, but sometimes, according to the people at DuPont and Chrysler, watching paint spray is.