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WATER BAILIFF, English law. An officer appointed to search ships in ports. 10 H. vii., 30.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The insider said the NRW's possible explanation for fewer water bailiffs would be because it was now acting on "intelligenceled" information.
In a separate prosecution, Napier, 32, of Victoria Road, Aston, also pleaded guilty to fishing for eels without a licence after he was caught by water bailiffs last June.
River pollution, housing development and trapping by water bailiffs along trout and salmon reaches have all all done for the naturally shy otter.
Former members of the SAS are briefing water bailiffs on the Grimersta estate, on the west coast of Lewis, in the Hebrides.
Tommy Yule - who leads the Arbroath RNLI volunteers - was snared after a covert operation by water bailiffs.
"We've run a number of operations in conjunction with various experts, including water bailiffs and gamekeepers, who have successfully assisted us to target travelling criminals who we know are coming into the area to commit crime."
In 1878, poachers attacked water bailiffs and hundreds of people turned out to watch poaching on the Wye near Rhayader.
Speaking after the case, Midlands strategic special-isMartin Cooper said: "Anglers who fish without a valid rod licence need to be aware that our water bailiffs are out and about checking rod licences.
Water bailiffs spotted Colin Edwards fishing at the Tan-y-Mynydd Trout Fishery in Abergele.
Ernie Lydon, from Cong, Co Mayo, was caught by water bailiffs last year after selling 10 plump salmon to the head chef of Ashford Castle.
The pair were detained following a joint operation between Tayside Police and water bailiffs employed by the Tay District Salmon Fisheries Board investigating claims illegal fishing may be taking place in the area.
Keith Robertson and his son Keith Danny Robertson were arrested after water bailiffs spotted them trying to land a catch using a gill net at White Sands in Berwick on April 22 this year.