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BALANCE, com. law. The amount which remains due by one of two persons, who have been dealing together, to the other, after the settlement of their accounts.
     2. In the case of mutual debts, the balance only can be recovered by the assignee of an insolvent, or the executor of a deceased person. But this mutuality must have existed at the time of the assignment by the insolvent, or at the death of the testator.
     3. The term general balance is sometimes used to signify the difference which is due to a party claiming a lien on goods in his hands, for work or labor done, or money expended in relation to those and other goods of the debtor. 3 B. & P. 485; 3 Esp. R. 268.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Decreased aquaporin levels associated with water balance disorders, namely, down-regulation of AQP1 inevitably caused polyuria.
(2000) Water balance E = (P + [] + [])-([Q.sub.out] + [G.sub.out] + D) + [DELTA][z.sub.w] Summary: Evaporation is calculated as the residual of the water balance input terms (precipitation P, surface inflow [], groundwater inflow []) and output terms (surface runoff [Q.sub.out], groundwater outflow [G.sub.out], diversions and withdrawals D) and changes in water level [DELTA][z.sub.w].
The water balance could be computed for the period of available GLDAS data, which is January 1979 till now.
The water balance and current zoning of the olive crop used data of the climatic means of the PR0, while future projections used the sum of the climatic means of the PR0 with the changes for each period (PR1, PR2 and PR3).
Therefore, the scenarios ([omega] varying within 1~3) were designed for sensitivity of water balance method.
Water cycle stages within the selected regions or canal commands can be estimated through water balance approach but it presents higher spatial variability.
Grismer and Asato (2012) provide a detailed description of the general root zone water balance methods that were used here.
The treatments of putrescine showed significantly highest water balance than in the control treatment during experiment.
The project comes in line with PepsiCo-Jordan's partnership agreement with the Ministry of Water and Irrigation (MWI), and is the third of several initiatives which fall under Jordan's nationwide Positive Water Balance Project.
The four components of berry water balance are summarized in Figure 1.