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WATER. That liquid substance of which the sea, the rivers, and creeks are composed.
     2. A pool of water, or a stream or water course, is considered as part of the land, hence a pool of twenty acres, would pass by the grant of twenty acres of land, without mentioning the water. 2 Bl. Com. 18; 2 N. H. Rep. 255; 1, Wend. R. 255; 5 Paige, R. 141; 2 N. H. Rep. 371; 2 Brownl. 142; 5 Cowen, R. 216; 5 Conn. R. 497; 1 Wend. R. 237. A mere grant of water passes only a fishery. Co. Lit. 4 b.
     3. Like land, water is distinguishable into different parts, as the sea, (q.v.) rivers, (q.v.) docks, (q.v.) canals, (q.v.) ponds, q v.) and sewers, (q.v.) and to these may be added at water course. (q.v.) Vide 4 Mason, R. 397 River; Water course.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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"What we are doing at the Airport Mine site will not only satisfy our reclamation requirements, but will also provide a significant value to the Carolina Waterfowl Rescue organization and to the community at large."
Waterfowl just do not spend time in "Black ground" areas.
"Our contract people trap seven days a week," said Joel Brice of Delta Waterfowl, which has long been a proponent of predator management.
Waterfowl hunters seek year-round how to pattern migrations and, likewise, waterfowl retailers seek year-round how to pattern a waterfowler's buying experience--i.e., the waterfowler's migration.
The Model 935 Pro-Series Waterfowl featured a synthetic stock finished in Shadow Grass camo, a 28" over-bored, vent-rib barrel tipped with a fiber-optic front bead.
- Autumn registration - waterfowl and water birds 53230 (heads) - 36 videos.
Waterfowl may remain in these areas until they are no longer suitable or until winter weather pushes them farther south.
The Dresden reach of the IRV is different from the rest of the Illinois River because it produces a variety of aquatic macrophytes which produce energy-rich seeds and natural foods important to waterfowl. Extensive beds of aquatic macrophytes occupy shallow side channels, backwaters, and channel margins of the Dresden reach, despite connectivity to the main channel.
"Triangle Delta Waterfowl is excited to host our 5th Annual Banquet, and we are grateful for the support from organizations in our community over the last five years, including Mims Distributing," said Lee Monses, chairman of Triangle Delta Waterfowl.
The spread from west to east does not correlate with the direction of typical waterfowl migration, in which movement occurs from south to north.
WMAs under the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks have both open-access and limited-draw hunting areas with intensively managed habitats for waterfowl hunters.
While some waterfowl migrate south for the winter, many others seek out areas of open water, at times forming large gatherings in these ice-free zones.

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