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At least 17 different locations in the city recorded waterlogging.
This consistency demonstrated that different methods of determining waterlogging tolerance in rapeseed have the same conclusion.
Equipped with a menu of investment options to mitigate current waterlogging and further climate-proof urban infrastructure, the study will help the policy makers and city planners decide priority interventions to cope with urban flooding and climate change.
However, engineers of Kolkata Municipal Corporation admitted there was waterlogging in some part of the city.
Waterlogging is a widespread problem for wheat production, especially in the duplex soils and loamy clay soils of Australia (Australian National Resources Atlas 2007) and the sodic/alkaline soils of India.
WATERLOGGING has claimed this afternoon's jumps fixture at Towcester - and the evening Flat card at Windsor must now pass a 7.
Summary: The Badminton Horse Trials have been cancelled due to waterlogging, scuppering what would have been a key Olympic build-up event.
The main targets set by the action plan include improvement of productiveness at unsuitable and irrigated lands, improve of the yield from irrigated land, prevention of waterlogging and attraction of investments.
It's improved a bit but there are still areas of waterlogging and some nasty patches of ground.
Defra has considered the current circumstances in relation to both the economic and environmental effects of the wet weather and consequent waterlogging which has impacted in the North East particularly.
Ludlow's meeting tomorrow is under threat due to waterlogging.
Yesterday's meeting at Folkestone fell to a combination of waterlogging and strong winds while today's action at Newbury and tomorrow's Taunton and Ludlow cards have already been lost.