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The CS theory provides security to watermark data before embedding into host medium.
To sidestep the problem of effective watermark removal, Google employs a technique called 'Warping.
The watermark can contain as low as one bit up to several hundred bits.
And select the "important" nodes of tree to watermark, here "important" nodes mean the importance in the topology.
So far uMark had been available only for the Windows platform, now with the launch of uMark for Mac, even Mac users would be able to use it to watermark and protect their photographs.
Then an overview about genetic algorithm (GA) and some related watermark using genetic algorithm are briefly reviewed.
PHISHCUT embeds digital watermarks into websites used by financial institutions as well as internet banking and shopping sites.
The Watermark will redefine the standard of luxury tower living in this area as well as changing the Gold Coast skyline.
Measurements of the watermark intensity and sharpness relative to a reference correlated well with the results of visual testing.
This is a revised and considerably enlarged edition of the first survey of American watermarks compiled by Thomas L.
The modifications are data substitutions that collectively make up the watermark.
To avoid unauthorized duplication and distribution of publicly available multimedia content, an author can embed a distinct watermark (or fingerprint) into each copy of the data.