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And select the "important" nodes of tree to watermark, here "important" nodes mean the importance in the topology.
So far uMark had been available only for the Windows platform, now with the launch of uMark for Mac, even Mac users would be able to use it to watermark and protect their photographs.
PHISHCUT embeds digital watermarks into websites used by financial institutions as well as internet banking and shopping sites.
The Watermark will redefine the standard of luxury tower living in this area as well as changing the Gold Coast skyline.
Measurements of the watermark intensity and sharpness relative to a reference correlated well with the results of visual testing.
This is a revised and considerably enlarged edition of the first survey of American watermarks compiled by Thomas L.
Some years ago, when I used WordPerfect (my favorite word-processing software), I could print watermarks (light print-overs) with words like DRAFT or CONFIDENTIAL that did not cover up the text beneath.
This type of watermark is useful for establishing ownership of an image or for detecting unauthorized copies.
Due to its excellent spatio-frequency localization properties, the DWT is very suitable to identify areas in the host image where a watermark can be embedded effectively.
White Paper Produced by Collaboration of Leading Technology and Entertainment Industry Groups, Including the DWA and MPAA, Describes How Digital Watermarks Can Benefit Both Consumers and Content Owners
10] have presented a new scheme in which again the authors embed a visible and an invisible watermark using DWT.