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The sole basis of the show-cause order is these MPSAs are within or near a watershed.
The workshop on 'Improving Skills on Sustainable Watershed Management practices in South Asia', was organized by Pakistan Agriculture Research Council with an aim to enhance watershed synergies and share the experiences of Pakistan, Nepal and Sri Lanka.
ISO 9001:2015 provides a critical infrastructure for companies like Watershed Security to improve and maintain quality in our services and solutions to our customers.
Keywords: Remote sensing, GIS, Watershed management, Morphometric analysis, Pakistan
And if our country is practically a system of prominent watersheds totaling 421 in all, we need to know how to use the watershed properly and not merely say, for instance, that some mines should be closed because they are inside watersheds.
Investment consultancy Ellwood Associates has completed its acquisition of Watershed Investment Consultants, following the approval of consent agreements from all of Watershed's clients, the company said.
NIA Administrator Claro Maranan said their office is forging a memorandum of agreement with the DENR, represented by Forest Management Bureau (FMB) Director Ricardo Calderon primarily to rehabilitate denuded forests in the Pantabangan-Carranglan Watershed (PCW) under the Forest Management Project (FMP).
The Rawal Watershed area stretched between Islamabad and part of Punjab province is one such watershed whereby water management is being demonstrated through various appropriate water smart technologies on pilot scale.
2 million-acre watershed as the first segment of a new National Blueways System, created to help conserve natural amenities and wildlife habitat and to preserve or enhance healthy recreational opportunities within significant river systems across the country.
The areas were chosen because of the high amount of sediment and phosphorous concentration that flow into tributaries of the Bayou Bartholomew watershed.
The goal is to address any potential impacts on the reservoir's drinking water supply from public use of the watershed lands.