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The waver, the jostle, and the hum increased in a tenfold degree.
Behind the lectern, and looking across the valley, stood a very old man in a black robe that fell as straight as the cliffs around him, but whose white hair and weak voice seemed alike to waver in the wind.
The girl seemed to waver, and Frome saw her twirl the end of her scarf irresolutely about her fingers.
His brain became preternaturally alert, so that when, rounding a corner, he perceived entering the main road from a side-street in front of him a small knot of pedestrians, he did not waver, but was seized with a keen spasm of presence of mind.
Aristotle in his account of the ideal state seems to waver between two ideals.
What moves is the mass of the atmosphere itself: for instance, one may light a taper in the car, and the flame will not even waver.
Nor did the other's frank, clear eyes waver beneath D'Arnot's fixed gaze.
He gazed earnestly at the bishop, as if to ask him if it were possible for a man to waver after having once made up his mind.
That passion which more than all others caused you to waver on the path of virtue," said the Mason.
White and grey and purple figures were scattered on the green, round wicker tables, in the middle the flame of the tea-urn made the air waver like a faulty sheet of glass, a massive green tree stood over them as if it were a moving force held at rest.
And as he talked, with just a waver for a moment, his gaze lifted above Daughtry's eyes to the area of forehead just above and between the eyes.
In the fervor of her anxiety to set her doubts at rest, Emily's faith in her own good resolutions began to waver.