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Gold prices wavered amid thin trading volumes in the markets due to the holidays, with the precious metal rising at first before trimming the gains, Gold suffered from wavering recently due to mounting negative pressure from dollar's surge against main currencies, stemming the advance of the yellow metal.
My confidence in them has never wavered," said Lambert, whose team are 17th in the early table with three points from four matches, two places and one point behind Norwich.
That is a position from which we have never wavered and we will continue to seek further positive outcomes that meet with that objective.
It has been a tough winter but our focus has never wavered," he said.
3 : to give an unsteady sound <The music of the flutes wavered.
8 prospect, committed last week but has wavered since tailback Stafon Johnson of Dorsey High in Los Angeles (rated 18th overall) said last Friday he would attend USC.
That has not wavered in the 30 years I've known him.
He wavered between what the other disciples had told him of the Resurrection of Christ and what his own logic seemed to be telling him.
an enemy, they haven't wavered in their love of old American cars.
The Pope never wavered, and spoke against contraception, abortion, homosexuality, euthanasia, and women's ordination, despite the tumult.
Phebe, who has been completely immersed in ballet studies for years, has for some unknown reason wavered in her focus just as she is reaching for a professional career in dance.