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She pushed the wavy hair back from her forehead - her eyes were bright, and there was a deep flush of colour in her cheeks.
But, flowing over his breast nearly to his knees, was a river of crinkly brown beard; and adown his back, beneath his commonplace felt hat, was a corresponding cascade of thick, wavy, brown hair.
No,' replied the lady, sadly smiling, as she stroked the wavy locks of her son, who was seated on a low stool at her feet; 'but he is my only treasure, and I am his only friend: so we don't like to be separated.
The tail almost swept the ground, while the mane was so thick that it crested out of the neck and flowed down, long and wavy.
It seems absurd to compare a tug boat skipper to a centaur: but he reminded me some how of an engraving in a little book I had as a boy, which represented centaurs at a stream, and there was one, especially in the foreground, prancing bow and arrows in hand, with regular severe features and an immense curled wavy beard, flowing down his breast.
Then from behind the black and wavy line of the forests a column of golden light shot up into the heavens and spread over the semicircle of the eastern horizon.
There was only one drawback to the beauty of the whole picture, and that was a tall man--a very tall man--in a brown coat and bright basket buttons, and black whiskers and wavy black hair, who was seated at tea with the widow, and who it required no great penetration to discover was in a fair way of persuading her to be a widow no longer, but to confer upon him the privilege of sitting down in that bar, for and during the whole remainder of the term of his natural life.
As for Maggie, she had no distinct thought, only the sense of a presence like that of a closely hovering broad-winged bird in the darkness, for she was unable to look up, and saw nothing but Minny's black wavy coat.
Artist Stanley Mouse and Wavy Gravy are sharing their artistry at the Benefit as well.
com) I'M wary of using balms and creams on my fine, wavy hair, they usually make it greasy.
and her colleagues link that wavy jet stream to a warming Arctic, where climate changes near the top of the world are happening faster than in Earth's middle latitudes.
Top hairdresser Ellen Conlin-Main, of Ellen Conlin Hair and Beauty in Glasgow, says stars are ignoring fashion forecasts of long, wavy hair being the big trend for spring and summer and are instead opting for more edgy styles.