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Asad, a resident of Sadiqabad, lodged a complaint with the local police that he along with Kashif were going when two persons waylaid them at gunpoint and robbed them of Rs50,000, and Rs25,000 respectively Meanwhile, Irfan, a resident of Airport, lodged a complaint with the local police that two robbers intercepted him, held him hostage at gunpoint and made off with Rs80,000 in cash and other valuables.
THATTA -- A gang of armed men waylaid a coaster on National Highway near Keenjhar lake on Friday and looted cash and valuables from passengers.
After being treated in hospital, Ashley returns home and lies that he got waylaid with parish business.
As the unsuspecting singer was waylaid by fans begging for a picture, a traffic warden clocked his black limo and started issuing a ticket.
Senior Inspector Felix Fornan, chief of the Magpet police, said the truck was headed towards Poblacion when waylaid by three armed men who identified themselves as members of the New People's Army (NPA).
Paul Paul PAUL Film4 9PM Comic-book nerds Simon Pegg (above) and Nick Frost are waylaid by a little grey alien called Paul in a coarse closeencounter fanboy comedy that's as silly as Spaceballs and as sweet as Starman.
WAFA quoted occupation police statement as saying that another group of Israeli settlers waylaid a Palestinian taxi driver in the western part of the city, however, he succeeded in avoiding the Israeli attackers by fleeing away from the area.
Had he waylaid the guard on the way out, it would have netted him at least a couple of thousand bucks.
The mob waylaid our car, pushed us out and assaulted us.
Hamster's dog friend decides to shop for his hamster friend's birthday--but keeps getting waylaid by his own desires in this funny story of a birthday gone awry.
Patna Robbers in Bihar waylaid a school bus on Saturday evening and stole schoolchildren's pocket money.
Saeed said, "We were heading to Rusayl when a group of masked men waylaid us.