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Waymarks lead to a stile and a path through gorse to another stile, here turn right towards the hill and go through a kissing gate.
At the end, turn left along the track and continue to a waymark post on the end of a hedge coming in from the right.
The post has two blue bridleway waymarks and one yellow waymark indicating left, the direction of the path that you follow.
But the waymark image of Jack Mytton thundering recklessly across the landscape has caused upset.
A Kirklees Council spokeswoman said: "The waymarks will help guide walkers and riders on routes that may be unclear.
Follow the waymarks (still the North Worcs Path) through fields with the Upper Bittell hiding to the right.
Aim diagonal left over the field on your left to its corner and cross a shallow ditch into the next field (no waymark here).
. We have rejoined the coastal path above Trearddur Bay; waymarks lead us beside a stone wall towards the sea.
My only grouse was that -sadly like so many long distance routes -there was the need for many more waymarks to stop ramblers missing their way.
The waymarks will highlight unclassified roads, which are unsuitable for traffic but are used by ramblers, horse riders and cyclists.
Cross here, and with the wall now on your left the Bwlch path levels for a stretch and then rises gently, following the easily located black directional waymarks