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However, unlike Kozintsev's film, there is little to tease out any overall thematic glue, any real depth or perspective that would bridge or contrast the otherwise more or less discreet episodes of the waywardly piecemeal structure.
But then a female colleague came up with some cheap shot about the extra miles being clocked up wandering up and down the rough looking for waywardly hit golf balls.
the lead of EBB's's pioneering, waywardly brilliant disciple
The adjective also stigmatizes the feminism of thirty years ago by recollecting from Spielberg's movie images of arrogance waywardly unleashing destructiveness; the subliminal inference that that feminism was about breaking up the place befits Bobby Riggs more than Dowd herself, who for her own achievements merits comparison with Riggs's victorious adversary of 1973, Billie Jean King.
Hull continued to press, pinning Swindon in their own half, and Andy Dawson was the next to shoot waywardly.
When we did break them down the keeper pulled off a couple of good saves and we were shooting waywardly.
At any rate, the government ought to realize that its repeated compliance with the North's unjustifiable demands has emboldened the Pyongyang leadership to act waywardly and push around the Seoul government.
Boss Smith declared "It's been a disappointing season for us and we once again defended waywardly.
Schiele was a contemporary of Gustav Klimt and he used all his imaginative genius (which at times could be waywardly erotic) on the Peschka study.
Businessmen known to be cooperative with officials received the standard form, while businessmen "who had a reputation for responding waywardly to the demands of officials" received a special form that was legally identical but more verbose; it intentionally warned businessmen in several different ways in order to reinforce the messages as well as to bolster its legal grounds.
The effect seems waywardly eclectic in that two emphases are particularly prominent.