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He said the 2018 Cyber Crime and Computer-related Crimes Act, anti-money laundering laws and regulations of 2019 as well as counter-terrorism legislation were all instruments geared towards fighting waywardness.
And Denis had laughed at her waywardness, for perhaps he was inwardly convinced of the womanliness of artifice, and was guiltily on holiday in a realm of anarchy, and said, Oh how lovely you are.
They said the presentation of Islam for show bizz was creating mental waywardness in the society.
If we bed negativity, excessiveness, lawlessness, pessimism and waywardness, we will rise with them, too.
According to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), Samuel is seeking the dissolution of their marriage on the grounds of waywardness, lack of contentment, lack of respect, unfaithfulness, adamant to correction and quarrel by his wife.
Major causes of these crimes are unemployment, illiteracy, poverty, fundamentalism, backwardness, waywardness and double standards prevailing in society.
THE number of exclamation marks pockmarking President Donald Trump's 'Standing with Saudi Arabia' statement on Tuesday gave us the first clue about its waywardness. Eight of them, to be exact.
Media reports are now replete with reports of seeming waywardness of the so-called provincial governments such as passing their own police acts, or allocating enormous sums of money for each provincial parliamentarians for the so-called "constituency development fund", mimicking their federal counterparts in Kathmandu who have just managed to ensure several crores of rupees allocated for them for that purpose.
ISLAMABAD: Balochistan Chief Minister Mir Abdul Quddus Binzenjo has lodged a complaint with Balochistan High Court (BHC) Chief Justice Muhammad Noor Miskanzai, seeking an investigation into waywardness of BHC Justice Kamran Mullakhel for misbehaving with three senior officers of the chief ministers office, including the principal secretary.
'It is the secret of our victory against the oppressors, who are hell-bent on creating confusion by hatching conspiracies and promoting waywardness,' he added.
This is dangerous waywardness. Crying as the rupee sheds value is no use in this country.
Kevin de Bruyne's long-range attempts betrayed his annoyance at misplacing a couple of passes but any waywardness could not last for long.