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Meanwhile, secretary of the planning committee, Chief Biodun Olapade, has blamed parents for Nigerian youths' waywardness.
Kevin de Bruyne's long-range attempts betrayed his annoyance at misplacing a couple of passes but any waywardness could not last for long.
The exhibition explores the relationship between colour and form, rationality and irrationality, order and waywardness.
Steadfast critical dissent and perceived waywardness have left the respective constituencies of two dozens solons destitute of infrastructure projects under the 2018 General Appropriations Act," Lagman said, even as President Duterte signed the P3.
Among her topics are Luther's ego-documents: cultural history and the reconstruction of the historical self, Luther's friendship with Frederick the Wise, fleshly work: the sex act as Christian liberty, the tenderness of daughters and waywardness of sons: Luther as a father, his perfect death, and the imprint of personality upon the Reformation.
In anticipation of the report from the IEA, OPEC held a meeting with some of the noncomplying members earlier in the week, calling them to task for their waywardness ("laggards" was the term used) and then ending the meeting with a press release designed to soothe the skeptics: "All [laggards] expressed their full support of the existing monitoring mechanism and their willingness to cooperate.
Gvs Irportensa took full advantage of the 5-6 favourite's waywardness to score at 3-1 after being matched at a high of 25.
Whether it was inexperience or waywardness, he looked all at sea early on, but the way he came home to finish third suggested he has at least some of his sibling's ability.
The way India provided patronage to social evils like alcohol, drugs and waywardness under the garb of Kashmiriyat it is a deep-rooted conspiracy to create identity crisis in the valley.
He said the way government provided patronage to the social evils like alcohol, drugs and waywardness under the garb of Kashmiriyat is a deep rooted conspiracy to make identity crisis in valley.
The waywardness was clearly catching as Harry Maguire nodded a free header from five yards wide.
Two years ago Serena lost in the first round at a grand slam for the first time against another Frenchwoman, Virginie Razzano, but an upset never looked on the cards despite the world number one's occasional waywardness.