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WED. A covenant or agreement; whence a wedded husband.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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"Well, of course, Aunt Polly isn't won over, yet; but I'm sure she will be if you tell it to her just as you did to me, and then we'd both come, of course."
We'd a swore it if he'd been a dog; and so we done it.
The first thing he said to me, when we'd got hold o' one another's hands was, 'I could never do anything for her, Adam--she lived long enough for all the suffering--and I'd thought so of the time when I might do something for her.
"Why, then, we'd have to invent one!" replied a facetious member of this grave Society.
The farm's suffering so as never was for want o' stock; and we've sold all the wheat, and we're behind with our rent,--not but what we'd like to do what's right, and I'd sit up and work half the night, if it 'ud be any good; but there's them poor children,--four of
We'll do as we'd be done by; for if my children have got no other luck, they've got an honest father and mother."
"This hill is dangerous," I said, As we rode on together Through sunny miles and sunny miles Of Surrey heather; "This hill is dangerous--don't you think We'd better walk it?" "Or sit it out--more danger still!" She smiled--"and talk it?"
Young daft and bold aged nine years old, with towels we'd wait in line.
Someone recently asked me if we'd any made any mistakes since we started Rude Health.
Things of the past, we tell ourselves - things that we'd all like to put behind us and move on.
Yes, we'd get the customary new clothes, and shiny new shoes if we were lucky, to wear to the church, but that was it.
"We'd come back and put the red wine into these massive glass jugs then Gazza and my brother would sit on that seat and me and Jimmy would sit on this seat.

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