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WERE. The name of a fine among the Saxons imposed upon a murderer.
     2. The life of every man, not excepting that of the king himself, was estimated at a certain price, which was called the were, or vestimatio capitis. The amount varied according to the dignity of the person murdered. The price of wounds was also varied according to the nature of the wound, or the member injured.

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But they're intelligent things, and they won't hunt us down if they have all they want, and think we're just harmless vermin.
We're all living wonders, Major," he went on, turning to Thomson, "but if I don't get a Sole Colbert and a grill at the Savoy, and a front seat at the Alhambra, before many weeks have passed, I shall get stale--that's what'll happen to me.
What's to make me sure as the house won't be put o' board wage afore we're many months older, and then I may have to lie awake o' nights wi' twenty gallons o' milk on my mind--and Dingall 'ull take no more butter, let alone paying for it; and we must fat pigs till we're obliged to beg the butcher on our knees to buy 'em, and lose half of 'em wi' the measles.
If we're to go to ruin, it shanna be wi' having our back kitchen turned into a public.
You may run away from my words, sir, and you may go spinnin' underhand ways o' doing us a mischief, for you've got Old Harry to your friend, though nobody else is, but I tell you for once as we're not dumb creatures to be abused and made money on by them as ha' got the lash i' their hands, for want o' knowing how t' undo the tackle.
We're going to try not to have awkward translated interviews.
Therefore, we're striving to do more to develop and care for our Airmen.
That means that we're going to do this in a way that helps the Air Force recapitalize and balance its portfolio," Blanchard said.
In our minds, we believe there is value for shareholders, whoever owns Inco, and we're ready to find those synergies and bring them to the table," Pearce later told reporters.
we're drinking it middays and mornings we're drinking it nightly

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