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such that and ), or a weak structure the sense of [2].
6 : lacking experience or skill <He's a good reader, but is weak in math.
While the Standard Model has been remarkably successful in describing weak interactions between leptons, leptons and hadrons, and in the flavor-changing decays of hadrons, it has been difficult both experimentally and theoretically to test the Standard Model of the weak NN interaction.
The fact that electrons, which aren't nuclear particles, respond to a nuclear force at all stems from a deep connection between the electromagnetic and weak forces (SN: 10/16/99, p.
We have learned by experience that when a nation has poor macro-economic underpinnings and a weak financial system, there is bound to be a disaster that will have dramatic, if not devastating, effects.
Weak points scattered in its structure detract fret the tensile strength of a paper sheet.
21] Vattimo's idea, which has aroused world-wide interest since the early 1980s, seems to be interestingly parallel to Goethe's method of 'Delicate Empiricism' (Zarte Empirie), an effort 'to understand a thing's meaning through prolonged empathetic looking and understanding it grounded in direct experience' [22] In accordance with Vattimo's notions, we can speak of a 'weak' or 'fragile' architecture, or perhaps, more precisely, of an 'architecture of weak structure and image', as opposed to an architecture of strong structure and image'.
But in order for this slab to slide, says Tremper, a weak layer of snow must lie beneath it.