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She said: 'Our ministries of labour and employment are very weak. I am not just talking about Nigeria here but in Africa generally.
Overall credit costs, despite a decline in percentage terms from previous years, remained high compared with most state banks' weak pre-provision profits.
A weak currency is merely symptomatic of a general deterioration of the economy.
Political analyst Lao Mong Hay claimed Panha was not far off in describing Cambodia as a weak state with an overly-powerful leadership, adding that underdevelopment seemed to be a symptom of this.
The wind will be weak in the eastern and northeast directions.
Branch unions can be characterized as strong or weak. Strong branch unions have upturned branch bark ridges at branch junctions.
Political parties were not supporting the privatization of weak industries or institutions because of political basis appointments of people there, he said while talking to PTV.
The microscopic displacement mechanism of Cr(III)/ HPAM weak gel flowing through porous media is still not well understood.
Adaboost repeatedly calls a weak learning algorithm over the training data set.
Lin and Wang offer a systematic exposition of the theory of weak convergence of probability measures on metric spaces, covering a wide range of weak convergence problems including new developments.