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If anything, Obama's position and his weak image have emboldened the radicals to grow.
The interview raised many eyebrows among his critics who believe his inaction in places like Syria and Ukraine projects a very feckless and weak image of the United States.
While the prime minister drew up the main headlines of the upcoming financial budget draft - to point to the continuation of his government - this does not annul the fact that internal and regional developments affected the image of an experience on which many were counting to set the bases for a new batch of structural reforms, under the headline it raised regarding "war on corruption." Hence, as much as the disputes over the management of the affairs between the partners in the coalition contributed to the presentation of a faulty and weak image, the developments in Egypt and Tunisia cast their shadows over the Moroccan scene, whether in terms of avoiding the repetition of the mistakes which led to these developments or the assessment of the Islamic movements' performance in power.