weak spot

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Fitch Ratings have assigned a Stable outlook for banks in the Asia pacific region, but has also warned that China is the weak spot in the area.
There are some weak spots, but they're always balanced out by some strong spots somewhere else.
Volcanoes erupt when melted rock, or magma, gushes up from the mantle and breaks through a weak spot in the crust (Magma that has erupted is called lava.
Whether it be electronics or plumbing, joining two things together is always going to be a weak spot.
Administration was also Archbishop Scott's weak spot and he made sure that he organized a good team to assist him.
Most often, I have one or two people tell me that I've firmed up an interest that has been gnawing at them, and several more people asking me questions to test the waters or to see if they can find a weak spot in my argument or conviction.
In recent times they had come to appreciate that a weak spot in their production system was where water is added to a basic mix batch.
Ironically, it was not audio piracy that proved to be the music industry's weak spot.
Dole's campaign against government spending is also contradicted by his weak spot for costly weapon systems of dubious merit.
Her treatment of evangelical religion, however, stands out as the weak spot in an otherwise solid book.
This anticipation helps the local EDC overcome the one weak spot in the city's sales pitch - Canadian taxes.
He had earlier said that a titanium-infused plate was necessary to protect a weak spot caused by the initial surgery.