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Global investment management firm, PIMCO, believes Trump will go ahead and weaken the dollar.
Those who vape had lower levels of influenza-specific antibodies which protect against the virus, meaning their immune system was weakened.
"Cyclone Fani has weakened and is covering areas of West Bengal in the form of the cyclone.
Liu said that temperature extremes between night and day will increase over the next two days, before the cold air mass weakens, and the mercury starts to rise on Wednesday.
ANP district leader Sardar Ahmad said the party always supported democratic process and believed in public mandate, but some forces in the country were trying to weaken democracy.
A system of Atlantic Ocean currents that regulates global weather is at its feeblest in 1,600 years, weakened partly by climate change, said researchers Wednesday, warning of trouble ahead.
The rate has been weakened to an upper limit of 31.5 Sudanese pounds per US dollar.
This reflects Moody's assessment that the minority shareholder capacity to support its affiliate NBO may weaken.
"Ek Vidhan, Ek Pradhan aur Ek Nishan" (one country, one Constitution, and one National Emblem) and their aim is only to weaken the special status of Jammu and Kashmir.
The downgrade reflects TRC's view that worsening market conditions are likely to sizably weaken Yangming's profitability and cash flow than earlier prediction, resulting in further deterioration of the company's leverage over the next two to three quarters.
Teachers fear that this will weaken their Arabic language ability or even replace the language in the future.
Summary: Traders cited a range of factors for recent weakness , including a possible desire of to let the pound weaken to help exporters.