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He said: "It was PDP chief Mufti Muhammad Sayeed, who brought the Women's Rights Bill and Transfer of Property Bill in the Assembly to weaken the constitution of the state.
There are some who call for the currency to weaken to 150 yen,'' the lawmaker said.
In a stock exchange release published 15 minutes before Helsinki Exchanges closed on Friday (6 April) Sonera said it estimated its equity income in associated companies in 2001 to weaken by up to EUR350m compared to the previous estimate.
Labor knew it couldn't win the fairness argument, so it tried cacophony and argued that multi-national corporations and out-of-state billionaires backed it and that it would weaken patient rights with HMOs, export American jobs, and privatize education.
As the yen weakens, Japanese exports (representing 70 percent of the region's gross domestic product) become relatively cheaper in overseas markets compared to the goods of other Asian countries - a situation which becomes particularly difficult for those East Asian countries attempting to export their way out of their financial crisis.
Yung pag-negotiate sa (The negotiation in) Scarborough Shoal, that weakens our position.
Not so laudable is it that the bishops and their advisors seem unable to distinguish measures that strengthen families from those that weaken them.
While the IAPAC initiative has focused attention on a live-virus vaccine--that is, a vaccine that uses a version of HIV with some genetic elements of the virus deleted so as to weaken it--research using other types of vaccines has been going on for years.
In foreign exchange markets, the dollar tended to weaken in reaction to the easing of U.
An ardent segregationist who used his committee to hold up or weaken civil rights legislation, Smith, at the very least, deserves a place next to Bull Connor and the "old' George Wallace in the demonology of the civil rights movement.
The Brazil central bank has intervened in the markets to weaken the real that was picking up value.