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In fact, a weakening peso might be a useful tool to help correct prices.
The affirmation of Bahrain Islamic Bank's issuer ratings at Ba3 (negative outlook) reflects Moody's view that that at these lower levels, the bank's issuer ratings already capture the government's weakening capacity to provide government support.
The central bank of Belarus has said that it was expecting a weakening of the rouble.
The weakening is in line with the central bank's interbank trading band, which it narrowed last week to plus or minus 0.
Earthquakes occur when a fault falls, either because of a buildup of stress or a weakening of the fault.
banking system in front of the House of Commons Treasury Committee and expects the downturn in employment to weigh on economic activity going forward as households face a weakening labor market paired with tightening credit conditions.
Japan's export dependency has increased due to the weakening yen.
Requiring that, short of an accident, the WLL of the tie-down would rarely be exceeded would greatly decrease the potential of unseen weakening of the tie-down.
Such viral weakening could mean an end to HIV-related deaths within 50 to 60 years, they said.
I realize that some view Sarbox requirements as excessive, but given the weakening ethical resolve of many top executives, we need the heavy-handed approach.
Some scientists say that this weakening may be the beginning of a major geological event: a reversal (flipping) of Earth's magnetic poles, an occurrence that happens roughly every 250,000 years.
warn that the weakening dollar is going to kill the U.