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The Sudan central bank has said that it has decided to weaken the exchange rate at which banks can trade dollars.
Osmena said the President did not only weaken the country's stand on the disputed waters but he has also strengthened the China's claim over it even after an international court ruling in favor of the Philippines.
Alternatively, as the global economy weakens, Japan's exports will plunge.
It permanently blinds children, causes night blindness in adults, and weakens the immune system.
Originally meant as it was to bypass corrupt legislatures, it weakens the power of elected state government.
As the yen weakens, Japanese exports (representing 70 percent of the region's gross domestic product) become relatively cheaper in overseas markets compared to the goods of other Asian countries - a situation which becomes particularly difficult for those East Asian countries attempting to export their way out of their financial crisis.
Global Banking News-November 7, 2016--Egyptian currency weakens
This fatal condition weakens the body's muscles, particularly the heart and the muscles that power breathing.
Global Banking News-April 15, 2016--Brazil weakens currency
In general, the magnetic field peaks in strength immediately after switching polarity and then gradually weakens until it bottoms out before the next reversal.