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Eight areas of land in Spelthorne have been judged to be weakly scoring against green belt criteria, which could put them at risk of development.
infinity]], and W be the operator ideals of completely continuous, weakly [infinity]-compact, and weakly compact operators, respectively.
Moreover, the notion of weak amenability for an arbitrary Banach algebra was introduced and studied by Johnson [11]; the Banach algebra A is called weakly amenable if [H.
Lee [12] defined weakly relaxed [alpha]-semipseudomonotone set-valued variational-like inequalities and generalize the result of Fang and Huang [4].
An element a + bI of neutrosophic AG-groupoid N(S) is called a weakly regular element of N(S] if there exist ([x.
The topics include a survey of the return times theorem, characterizations of distal and equicontinuous extensions, stepped hyperplane and extension of the three distance theorem, mixing automorphisms that are Markov quasi-equivalent but not weakly isomorphic, the fractal geometry of non-uniformly hyperbolic horseshoes, and uniform rigidity sequences for topologically weakly mixing homeomorphisms.
In the last part of the paper we characterize regular and weakly regular ternary semirings by their soft intersectional ideals.
2 and present a new fixed point result for Monch type self maps with weakly sequentially closed graph.
The Netherlands, France, Spain, Portugal and Ireland are found to be weakly sustainable.
Let [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] be any two fuzzy bi-topological spaces and f: X [right arrow] Y be a mapping such that f is [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] weakly continuous.
The notion of weakly symmetric and weakly Ricci symmetric Riemannian manifolds were introduced by Tamassay ([15], [16]).
Weakly connected nonlinear systems; boundedness and stability of motion.