weakness of character

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Are so many people overweight because of a lack of knowledge, weakness of character, addiction, or a problem with the processes that cause both hunger and satiation?
Many school factors foster bullying behaviour among students, said the researcher, including factors associated with some teachers, such as violent or provocative practices against students, or weakness of character, as well as tension within the school and the resulting frustration within students.
This weakness of character is now what moves Republicans in Washington to speak of him as though he is a great leader -- bowing and scraping in the hope of getting what they want.
His simplistic slogan -- "Make America Great Again!" -- could have been taken from Putin's playbook on how to turn incompetence and weakness of character into the appearance of omnipotence and bold leadership.
The crass label of "terrorist sympathiser" he slapped on anyone who had a different view from him on bombing IS and his refusal to apologise showed a weakness of character and undermined the Commons debate.
When the betrayal is opportunistic, your colleague acts thoughtlessly and demonstrates a weakness of character. Opportunistic betrayal includes gossiping or spreading rumors; backstabbing or breaking a confidence; taking credit for work done by others; and blaming coworkers for mistakes.
However, he complains himself that such criticism "has probably consolidated its neglect over the years" (128) and he glibly dismisses the film's xenophobic linkage of foreigners with the monstrous Other by claiming that such representations are offset by "an implicit critique of British inflexibility and a certain inherent weakness of character which lays open the protagonist to possible destruction" (128)--never mind that the white male protagonist is not destroyed, retains his stiff upper lip, and vanquishes the foreign-born monster by the film's end.
In fact, it's a serious ailment, not a weakness of character, nor just a passing blue mood.
"I support the perspective that it's not a weakness of character that's controllable through force of will.
George Miller Beard, MD, who first described the condition, attributed the cause to the hectic life in America, erosion of religious faith, the mental activity of women, industrialization, bad habits, weakness of character, and cerebral occupations.
Zhang Rongfeng, one of Xinhua's top sports commentary writers, said Li had a "weakness of character".
Mistry is a genius at this and does not shy away from exposing the Parsi community warts and all, yet retaining a warmth and empathy that is ultimately hugely forgiving of human frailty and weakness of character. In the final, delightful story of Tales from Firozsha Baag, the mother and father of Kersi are talking about why their son does not write about his new life in Canada but is preoccupied with the world he left behind.