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Moore was told by the stewards after his first-race winner that the horse had weals and that he faced an inquiry if the horse still bore the marks on a second inspection half an hour later.
Compared with the control session, most subjects (32 of 38) decreased the size of their weals measured during the intervention session, and the differences between the weal sizes produced in the two sessions were highly significant (N = 38; t = 4.
Both were able to walk away, though Jackson had red weals on his back from ice burns.
It is triggered by pressure, touch or stroking and causes red raised inflamed weals on the skin.
The incident was quickly over and fortunately the victim, who suffered bruising and weals, was not seriously injured.
100 years agoIn an 'unstarred' question in the House of Commons on Wednesday, Sir Walter Foster asked the President of the Local Government Board whether his attention had been called to a case of flogging at the Cottage Homes at Wednesfield, in which the medical officer described the back of the boy as covered with weals and abrasions from the nape of the neck to the back of the knees, whether he could state the characater of the birch-rod used and whether steps would be taken to prevent such punishments being inflicted on young persons in poor-law institutions in future.