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Overcoming growth depression from soybean protein during the first few weeks after pigs are weaned is an important consideration for improving growth and health of pigs.
Previous studies of Stahly (1990), Johnston (1993) and Monnegue (1993) recorded that increasing dietary lysine level resulted in an increase in the number of weaned piglets.
The values of BUN, TP, GLO, A/G, GLU and IgG determined in serum of weaned piglets of all experimental treatments are presented in Table 5 and are within the normal physiological range reported by Friendship and Henry (1996).
After the calves were weaned, an oral stomach tube was used to collect the rumen fluid samples before morning feeding from all calves [8] to analyze the rumen fermentation parameters, ruminal enzyme activity and microbial communities.
In confinement hog operations, piglets are weaned as early as 10 days to two weeks.
Xu, "Effect of N-acetyl cysteine on enterocyte apoptosis and intracellular signalling pathways' response to oxidative stress in weaned piglets," British Journal of Nutrition, vol.
The spokesman of Liaquat National Hospital Anjum Rizvi on Wednesday said Godil had been weaned off the ventilator to approximately 60 per cent.
The incidence of diarrhoea was found to be higher in children who were weaned before the age of 4 months, i.
Calves are weaned to make their rumen fully functional otherwise nutrients are not absorbed completely.
Some calves were weaned early, at 80 days of age, while others were weaned at the more traditional age of 215 days.