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When the terms 3 and 4 regarding weaning age, as the beginning of grazing period, in the MARS equation were examined, the weaning ages of 64 days or shorter didn't affect pasture revenue because max (0, WWage - 64) = 0 and max (0, WWage - 67) = 0 for 64 days or shorter in weaning age.
Stable nitrogen isotopes as evidence for the age of weaning at the angel site: A comparison of isotopic and demographic measures of weaning age. Journal of Archaeological Science 24(10):919-927.
The same occurs with the effect of the calves' and heifers' weaning age, which ranged from six to eight months; however, there were cows of all ages weaning younger or older animals in each picket.
To figure out weaning ages, Cherney reasoned, he could analyze nitrogen levels --because the chemicals were deposited in mammoths' tusks as they added new growth each year.
Moreover, research estimating parameters including gestation period, number of offspring, weaning age, and weight can provide useful information for the management of captive pangolins.
year and season of birth, type of birth, sex of lamb, weaning age etc on birth weight, weaning weight and yearling weight as appropriate, were evaluated.
This weight advantage was consistently maintained up to the weaning age of four months.
"Finding ways to build immunity in young pigs has become more and more important over the last two decades because weaning age has been dramatically reduced," Carroll says.
The taste buds and olfactory receptors are bathed in amniotic fluid and, during the past decade, science has revealed that these flavor experiences lead to increased enjoyment and preference for these favors at weaning age and beyond.
The EU had continually upgraded requirements to include measures such as minimum standards for living space and a minimum weaning age, to supporting a higher level of training and competence for the stockmen in charge of the animals.