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Heyward had given one of his pistols to Hawkeye, and together they rushed down a little declivity toward their foes; they discharged their weapons at the same instant, and equally without success.
Still, the desire to win the axe was foremost in his mind, for no woman had entered there, who when she enters drives out all other desire--ay, my father, even that of good weapons.
in striking the helmet and shield of their antagonist firmly and strongly, with the lance held in a direct line, so that the weapon might break unless the champion was overthrown.
He clutched frantically to save himself but had too round a surface to grasp, besides being hampered by his weapon.
Against the dark background of their olive skins their tusks stand out in a most striking manner, making these weapons present a singularly formidable appearance.
He saw his visions of wealth rapidly dissipating before the weapons of the sailors.
And in these disastrous times, when the ingenuity of man has multiplied the power of weapons of war, it was possible that, without the knowledge of others, a State might try to work such a formidable engine.
They gave him to understand that they had chased the buffalo at full speed, until they tired them down, when they easily dispatched them with the spear, and made use of the same weapon to flay the carcasses.
The crew fought desperately with knives, handspikes, and whatever weapon they could seize upon in the moment of surprise.
Then do but untie my hands and I will fight thee and thy men with no weapon but only my naked fists.
To the defenders of the laws of Copernicus and Newton, to Voltaire for example, it seemed that the laws of astronomy destroyed religion, and he utilized the law of gravitation as a weapon against religion.
Before she could reach the beast with her puny weapon, I fired again at the point where the tarag's neck met his left shoulder.