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400) Pruitt, recall, presents what may be a common scenario for inadvertent killing in furtherance of a felony: a weaponless battery that unexpectedly leads to death due to the vulnerability of the victim (an elderly man suffering from coagulopathy, a condition similar to hemophilia).
net/police- defensive-tacticstraining-are-officers- getting-enough (finding that the average police officer in Ohio reported receiving less than seven hours of weaponless defensive tactics training per year and that the primary non-cost related reason officers gave for not receiving sufficient training in hand to hand combat was lack of a legal requirement from the Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission).
They're weaponless and often accompanied by a few pitbulls, cerbera ready to escort initiates and expel deviates.
Had they succeeded the war would have been over, a starving population, and a weaponless army would have given the government no option but to sue for peace on the enemy''s terms.
Cassio immediately exclaims that but for the fact that he believed Othello to be weaponless he would have expected such a bloody end "For [Othello] was great of heart" (5.
Weaponless, Nick looked up at the scaffold and its ominous table.
Conrad provides many instances of such encounters--Martin Decoud alone in the dark with a treasure of silver (Nostromo); Heyst weaponless on his island with the predatory Ricardo and "Mr.
While teams of sharpshooters and military vehicles rotted up the hills of Rocinha to reclaim it from drug traffickers, they were accompanied by another, weaponless army--more than 200 salesmen from the cable-TV company SKY.
I remember Corinna demanded I kept it up for her nine times together, 23-6); and then nostra tamen iacuere velut praemortua membra I turpiter hesterna languidiora rosa (But still my sex lay there prematurely dead, shamefully limper than a rose picked yesterday, 65) and to dominum failis, per to deprensus inerrnis / tristia cum magno damna pudore tuli (You failed your master: I was left weaponless, enduring sad hurt and great embarrassment, 71-2).
Mazeppa is locked with the horse in a paradox of weaponless conflict and co-operation: he survives, thanks to the horse, into the Cossacks' retention of the old male-dominated order of the horseman.