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WEAR. A great dam made across a river, accommodated for the taking of fish, or to convey a stream to a mill. Jacob's Law Dict. h.t. Vide Dam.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The Hilo sink is made from solid-surface material, so the color goes all the way through and can't wear away. It's available at Home Depot and Lowe's by special order.
Chewing gum has a similar effect and helps remove bits of food stuck in your gnashers - just make sure it's the sugar-free kind.2 WATCH YOUR DRINKS Fruit juices, wine and fizzy drinks are high in acid which can wear away the enamel on your teeth, so try to avoid swishing them round your mouth.
This maltracking of the kneecap is very common, and causes the cartilage around the bone to prematurely wear away. I recommend light weight, high-rep, pain-free quad strengthening.
4 Rain, rivers, or even people digging for fossils wear away at the rock layers to reveal the buried fossils.
Many argue if a hammer has more material, it will wear away more slowly and need to be replaced less frequently, he says.
Plastic is non- biodegradable, which means it doesn't wear away.
These works were designed to agitate, and time has done little to wear away that effect.
Clear Tubular Sleeve (CTS) solves a problem that has been plaguing the pipeline industry for years--making sure that moisture, impact, paint chipping and abrasion don't wear away important identifyng and safety information.
The pounding of the water, that same water, had the strength to wear away rocks.