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WEAR. A great dam made across a river, accommodated for the taking of fish, or to convey a stream to a mill. Jacob's Law Dict. h.t. Vide Dam.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Three women sued the cosmetics maker saying its Super Stay 14HR Lipstick and Super Stay 10HR Stain Gloss wear off and fade after only a few hours.
* The synthetic insecticides used on the bednets wear off after several months and must be retreated, but there is no program to do so.
The obvious response to a survey suggesting that the beneficial stress-relieving effects of a holiday wear off within 24 hours of returning to work is: surely not that long?
SQUARE PEGS Be patient, and let the awkwardness wear off before determining whether or not a match is successful.
The anodized surface means that the keypad's numbers will not wear off. The reader, from AWID of Monsey, New York, is vandal-resistant and can be used in harsh environments.
Buzz can only hope the appeal of this lame prank will wear off soon; otherwise, the only way to protect yourself is to turn off Bluetooth on your device.
Experts say the bad feelings will generally wear off after the 12 weeks or so.
Duracolor will not wash or wear off after repeated cleanings or heavy traffic.