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WEAR. A great dam made across a river, accommodated for the taking of fish, or to convey a stream to a mill. Jacob's Law Dict. h.t. Vide Dam.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The radioactive data was not collected for the piston itself; nonetheless, the wear pattern on the piston and the top piston ring are complementary and validate the observations.
Similar wear patterns have been reported as Taylor curves while machining high-speed steel (Trent and Wright 2000).
(1) the distance from cuspid to cuspid in maxilla in millimeter measured with digital vernier caliper with a least count upto 0.1mm (2) shape of arch (U-shape/ square/v shape) (3) teeth alignments in anterior region in both jaws (labioversion/linguoversion/rotation) (4) teeth's width and thickness from canine to canine in both arches (5) spacing and their location (6) number of missing teeth and their location (7) wear patterns (attrition erosion and abrasion) (8) the curve of biting edges ( sharp/smooth) (9) occlusal level (infraocclusion/ supraocclusion) (10) Unique dentistry ( macrodontia microdontia etc).
The following figures present the wear patterns for each tap.
Your shotgun was initially imported in 1987, so we're not terribly surprised at the appearance of a wear pattern, especially if the locking system wasn't fitted up properly in the first place.
Figures 2 and 3 present the wear patterns when normal tapes were used.
It is a cast 3-D set of jawbones showing the exact tooth wear patterns from bucks ranging from 1.5 to 8.5 years of age.
This information combined with your shoe wear pattern will allow you to better determine the best shoe for you.
Occurs at a time when the tool has not been in cut for long and any other type of wear pattern has not yet developed.
These plastic jawbones closely imitate that wear pattern to help you age your deer right A after you shoot them.
Byram also suggests maintaining a wear pattern and following the maintenance schedule recommended by the machine's manufacturer.
(0.127 cm) depth of cut provided a uniform wear pattern on the flank of the insert without spinning the disc in the chuck of the turning center.