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Here, carrying a backpack, on rough paths, uphill, and with legs that grow wearier with each passing hour and day, the pace is closer to four every hour.
In the film, an older, wearier Logan struggles with alcoholism as he rescues a young mutant girl and unwillingly aids her in her journey to get to safety, the two forging an unlikely friendship despite both their explosive tempers.
Nestled in our old corner, it could have been 1987 all over again, save for the greyer (or non-existent) hair, rounder middles and wearier expressions.
By mid-week, residents across the city were taking first steps in the rebuilding process - ripping out soggy carpet, running big fans to help dry things out - but they appeared much wearier in the Fifth Ward area than wealthier parts of town.
Also in the cast is John Goodman, slightly older than Bruce and seeming even wearier -- and at some point you look at the two of them and wonder, Why do they do it?
As LRADS became a fixture in the images of a reescalated conflict at Standing Rock, in the Dakotas, proliferating on the news and across social media, Piper's chirps seemed to grow simultaneously wearier and more practiced.
Of all the resurrected symbols, none was wearier and more hackneyed than that of Lei Feng [...] most urban youth seemed to consider Lei a colossal joke [...] In fact, one survey of universities in Jiangxi Province showed that as early as 1988 only 2 per cent of the student body considered Lei a worthy model.
The more we hear, the wearier we become; even the number of dead no longer seems to affect us.
After some cruel killings and feeble protests, a warm front brings back the "humane" world very like Meng's opening, only wearier.
They found that listeners were wearier of the trustworthiness of speech, the heavier the accent.
"The Magic Whip,'' Blur's first album as a foursome for 16 years -- the result of time spent together in a Hong Kong studio in 2013 -- finds them older and perhaps wearier, but still full of creative brio.
Mueller's Christian faith, I think, speaks to people disaffected by Christianity who are wearied by the unseemly connections between religion and politics, and are even wearier of the narrow, divisive understanding of God peddled by so many churches.