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Sam, aged 8, said: "It was scary in the classroom because the teacher had a cane and she looked like she would use it." fter a fun packed day, we wearily got back on the bus and returned to school.
I've waited a year, and now another spring brings pleasant weather-- wearily, beyond my blinds, I see the summer blooms of castor.
The sets are still a bit dodge - and I wearily accept a whole generation of mouth-breathers will start calling each other smeghead - but I'm chuffed to see former Corrie cabbie-turned-funk DJ Craig Charles finally get the script he deserves.
"We must think of the trial," an almostdespairing Demelza (Eleanor Tomlinson) told her far-toorelaxed hubby, Ross Poldark (Aidan Turner), who wearily replied: "Must we?" Demelza wouldn't be put off - stressing: "'Tis no little thing."
Summary: Tiptoeing through pigeon droppings in a building where Benito Mussolini once barked orders, the mayor sighs wearily as he recounts his long battle to get agreement on what do with the crumbling structure.
Our sons will help each other drag the dream and mighty reach for sky out to our ditch where wearily I mark each year and pitch drooped Christmas trees on Boxing Day.
Byline: with the sergeant My wearily but different quite a It's Jane Costello
TRAIK A Go wearily B Small prominence C A tracker who am I?
ANDY Murray felt let down by his body as he wearily exited the US Open at the quarter-final stage in a fourset loss to rival Novak Djokovic.
WERE we all not so wearily used to the shortcomings of our public bodies, we might be tempted to say that the story of Lucy Mbugua beggars belief.
Let's see you pass this test!" Wearily they all climbed out Continuing their role; Marching on, obediently, To the next, much bigger, hole.
As the government wearily negotiates debt rollovers with the troika (the European Commission, European Central Bank, and the International Monetary Fund) the political risks also remain on the downside and BMI cannot exclude an abrupt Greek departure from the eurozone (although our core forecast is for Greece to remain inside it).