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PREDAPPIO, Italy: Tiptoeing through pigeon droppings in a building where Benito Mussolini once barked orders, the mayor sighs wearily as he recounts his long battle to get agreement on what do with the crumbling structure.
My oldest two boys just wearily accepted this drill, but child three has proved a different beast entirely (albeit quite a cute beast).
I watch the sunset over Cardiff town, With Aneurin Bevan looking sternly down On this Friday evening with revellers About to drink the bars dry And a myriad of shoppers and workers wearily Winding their way back home again, A beggar strokes his beloved dog As I hand him change in a doorway, A million miles from the opulent lives Of some of those passing him by, The castle seems to be on fire With clouds rising high as if smoke As I watch the sunset over Cardiff town With Aneurin Bevan looking sternly down.
It's alarming news, especially for those of us who thought Lawro's idea of a superlative was to sigh wearily and mutter: "He's not the worst free-kick taker in the world, is he?
And spare a thought for the poor bar girl who wearily told Blogof she'd had just a single 20-minute break in her 12-hour shift.
A big-name cast wearily goes through the motions in helmer Barry W.
When asked how it felt to be home, she smiled wearily and said: "I'm exhausted but very happy to be home.
We spent an hour with them before retiring wearily to bed.
Sergeant Jackson rests wearily as his squad searches a home during a raid in Rawah, a restive Sunni town near the Syrian border.
The champion trainer and owner Clive Smith found themselves in the second spot in the winner's enclosure after Kauto Star was nailed on the opening day of the meeting and were back there again as Master Minded wearily crossed the line 18 lengths in arrears.
JESUS showed us the importance of rest when he sat wearily beside a well after a long walk (John 4:6) and when he slept in the back of a boat with his head on a pillow (Mark 4:38).
Wearily, we shall have to keep on repeating that if all the nations of these islands gained full national status, we should still have to put together some kind of over-arching political structure to deal with things like macroeconomics, a common defence and foreign policy and all sorts of matters of common concern.