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It is not easy to express the benevolence and tenderness with which they embraced us, and the concern they showed at seeing us worn away with hunger, labour, and weariness, our clothes tattered, and our feet bloody.
Tit moved on with sweep after sweep of his scythe, not stopping or showing signs of weariness.
Slowly the demon was working his will, and cold and weariness were his helpers.
An hour's repose had snatched, from his elastic frame, the weariness with which many hours of toil had burdened it.
The weariness was there indeed--was it his fancy, or was it something more than weariness which shone out of the dark, tired eyes?
His face had a look of weariness and pleasure, like that of sick people when they feel relief from pain.
Nothing fills one with so exquisite a weariness as a day spent in good resolutions and great thoughts.
Dalawa ang asawa ko [For my weariness, you know how much my salary is?
Already yielding the edge in personnel and experience in the playoff matchup with the Chinese Super League outfit, the Busmen have to also fight travel weariness and the biting cold in Tianjin in the 3:30 p.
Later on, war and weariness would trigger the reflex along partisan linesRepublicans after World War I, Democrats during Vietnam.
Windspeed sought to offer an amenity that would provide a more intriguing level of entertainment to decrease the weariness of long travel times.
5-18 issue of NCR quotes the pope: "We encounter a general impression of weariness and aging, of a Europe which is now a 'grandmother,' no longer fertile and vibrant.